Assistive Technology

I am especially focused on encouraging individuals with disabilities express themselves artistically beyond their physical challenges. These projects have strengthened my goal of making digital media technology more accessible to those who cannot receive its benefits otherwise because of their disabilities, age, or economic situations. Rather than competing to generate a revolution in the world of emerging technology, I would like to broaden the audience of existing digital media technology, focusing on making everyone’s lives easier and more enjoyable, furthermore, making once seemingly impossible tasks possible.

digital wheel art   Digital Wheel Art

A digital drawing tool for people whose physical challenges confine them to wheelchairs.

> THESIS presentation / ITP Spring Show 2008 / An Evening at Maker Faire / Society for Disabilitiy Studies Conference / Maker Faire Austin 2008 / Sony Wonder Lab Technology

  Camera for K

Adaptive photographic interface for disabled people who use wheelchair and cannot operate digital cameras.

> Maker Faire 2007 / ITP Spring Show 2007