Find the Spot - 2005
Find the Spot

Same space, different space - communicate through colors


YoungHyun Chung, Seung Joon Choi, Mid eum Shin


Communicating only by colors without spoken and written languages, "Find The Spot" is the locative media project which explores how people percept and express colors when communicating solely through colors - without spoken or written language.

Flickr, a photo sharing website, was used to become a repository of images to be crawled by our team’s real time mosaic system, and Gmail, a free webmail site, became the receptor of multimedia messages from mobile phones.

original original
original and mosaicked


Participation, Locative media, Mobile devices, Color sensation, Programming, Internet


fts system
Mobile phone with camera, Multimedia messaging service(MMS), Wireless internet, Processing, Flash, Gmail, flickr.com(yahoo), NeuQuant neural-net quantization algorithm for matching each mosaic cell to certain color, Image mosaic (photomosaic technique)

original picture     picking colors with phone
1. original image at KyungBokGung(place A)  2. picking colors with phone at MyungDong(place B)

making a color palette     mosaicked image
2. making a color palette with picked colors    4. mosaicked image

Colors taken by User 1

Colors taken by User 2

Additional info

• Exhibited at Urban Vibe: The Art of Playing City, Seoul, Korea (2005)