Fountain 2006 - 2006
Fountain 2006

Homage to the masterpiece of Marcel Duchamp


A response project to the masterpiece "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. Collected videos of urinating taken by their own digital devices and provided extraordinary experience in odrdinary behavior.


Participation, Collecting, Internet, Video

Personal Statement

After the masterpiece Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, several artists have reproduced the master’s artwork. Sherrie Levine made a bronze cast Meltdown (after Duchamp). Her response to the masterpiece was a glittering bronze urinal which was totally opposite to Duchamp who didn’t want to draw or make something diligently as previous artists had done. Mike Bidlo also performed reproduction of the Fountain by drawing a large number of urinals.

My response to the Fountain was a project Fountain 2006 which contains three major points. First, a urinal is an excretory hardware which inevitably is dirty, not like the artworks of other artists. Second, the medium is a video that is the next step of the ready-made, bronze cast and drawing. Finally, I applied the audience participation concept to the creation of my own artwork.

I asked some friends to take a video of themselves urinating with their own digital camera or mobile phone which has a video function. Most of them were shocked and at first refused the request when they heard about the mission. Even though it was an extremely strange mission, over half of those I asked took their urinating video. The most difficult barrier was that a urinal is usually in a public space, not in one’s home, so that participants risked to being mistaken for an abnormal person.

User Scenario

1. take a video of urinating at an urinal with a personal device.
- angle: own eyes (ex: put a camera on eyes)
- content: urinating between before and after
- caution: never take your body parts

2. send the video to artist

Movie Clip - CAUTION: Movie might be disgusting to some people.

(the same video at YouTube)


People can enjoy themselves while they actively participate in creating artwork. With the power of the Internet and the widespread availability of digital devices, a large number of people from all parts of the world can easily access current projects and take part in them. In this way, the participating in creating artwork is an affirmative way of creating art that can offer an opportunity to share the pleasure of making art.