Interactive Media

While viewing an art exhibition one day, I realized that the role of the audience was too passive, due to a lack of interaction between the artwork and the audience. I thought that if I were to create a work of art, I would make it to allow active communication with the audience.

I tried to maximize my imagination and creativity by executing projects in various genres using digital media technology such as physical computing, computer programming, and mobile devices. These works have been strengthening my creative thinking skills and my ability to translate ideas into reality.

faceless   Faceless

A real time video tracking installation that pixelizes on audience face.


3D space experiment of optical illusion that only visible while it is moving.

> 2008 Spring Gallery at ITP / ITP Winter Show 2008

  Happy Ritual

A mobile helper of creating ritual behaviors using users' cell phone that they think important but easily be forgotten.

  Interactive Puppet Theater

Interactive storyteller that encourages children to concentrate and engage more with the story through physical interactions.

> 2006 ITP Winter Show