nonoise - 2008

3D space experiment of optical illusion that only visible while it is moving.


Even within a 2-dimensional space, human perception enables us to perceive 2-dimensional image as 3-dimensional form when 3-dimensional graphic techniques are used. The following techniques are widely used from paintings to motion pictures: depth, perspective, relative size, occlusion, texture gradient, light & shadow, accommodation, aerial perspective, motion parallax, and stereo parallax. "nonoise" uses some of these techniques to explore 3-dimensional forms that are only visible while the screen is moving. When we stop the screen with a left mouse click, it always becomes a 2-dimensional static noise.


OpenGL, 3D programming, Human perception, Optical illusion

Movie Clip

(the same video in YouTube)

Personal Statement

An optical illusion is my long interest. Although, a film shows that continuous still images create the feeling of movement, the film itself doesn't move before it runs through a projector. Moreover, if we take a movie of a chameleon, which doesn't move but changes its color, audience may say it's a film. We can say that moving is perception, imagination and operation of the brain. I'm always amazed our space perceptual ability in a 2D representation as well as a perceptual ability on movement.

User Scenario

1. look at the screen but it looks like just a noise
2. press [run] button then a 3D shape appears
3. press [move] button then the shape moves in 2D screen
4. take a picture of it, but it's just a noise again in a camera

Additional info

• Exhibited at ITP Winter Show 2007, 2008 Spring Gallery at ITP


• http://silverspaceship.com/static/ - inspired by this game
• http://resumbrae.com/ub/dms423_f07/09/ - various 3D techniques in painting history and more