Toilet - 2003 ~ 05

direction and distance to toilet


I posted a picture on my homepage of signs in subway stations showing the distance to the toilet. Visitors of homepage spontaneously sent me similar pictures. Too long (430m) or too short (2m) distance is very ridiculous.


Participation, Collecting, Internet


One day in November 2003, I posted a photo on my webpage of signs in Seoul subway stations showing distances and directions to the toilet. Ordinary workers in Seoul ride the subway to work and on average it takes more than one hour a day. This boring everyday routine made me sick and pressed me to find something interesting under ground. That was a toilet sign. Visitors of webpage spontaneously sent me similar pictures. I gathered those pictures4) and imagined some stories such as "Why they put 69m rather than 70m?" or "Why didn’t they make one more toilet in this station?"

Because taking a photo of a toilet sign in a crowded subway station in Seoul was very strange behavior, participants encountered extraordinary experience. In addition, usually distance of a sign ended with 0 or 5 and also usually below 70m, it was hard to find a new collection for this project. This fact caused competition among participants to have their own picture registered to the list of the project.