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Pronunciation of my name

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(From a memo. Still working…)

I have no phonology knowledge, but here are some guides how to pronunciate my name.

My name is Younghyun Chung for an international usage. My family name is Chung and my first name is Younghyun. In my home country Korea, the order of name goes Chung Young Hyun.

‘Young’ sounds very similar (or same) as an English word ‘young’. For the ‘Hyun’ part, try to make a sound by starting an English word ‘he’ and quickly and smoothly continue to the sound of ‘un’ like the beginning of an English word ‘understand’. Each of these two names corresponds to a Korean alphabet (and Chinese character), and they are concatenated to be my first name as a whole. However, you can call me Young. I know many people have a difficulty in the Hyun part and sometimes people doesn’t like an H-sound in some cultures.

I will try to use the following ways how to explain the pronunciation.

The Wyss (pronounced ‘Veese’) Institute…
Deisseroth (pronounced DICE-er-roth)

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