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Thesis Abstract (rev. Feb 26)

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Assistive Technology as an Artistic Expression Tool (working title)

Thesis Abstract (rev. Feb 26)

Everyone has the desire and the right to express themselves. People can draw pictures, play music, sing songs, move their bodies, write compositions or poems to express their feelings and emotions. However, not everyone can use these methods. There are many people who want to express themselves but cannot to do so because of physical challengies. In this project, assistive technology including electronics, mechanics, and computer programming is applied to help those people to express themselves, and moreover, to provide an opportunity to be an artist.

I have been meeting with a few physically challenged people to determine the best choice for each of them, to customize each for their disability. For example, since a kid who has cerebral palsy has serious limitations on communication and movement, an adaptive camera interface can provide a way for him to take a picture while using a power wheelchair. The kid can shoot whatever he wants and make a story with a narration by using adaptive software.

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