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June 9th, 2008 7 comments

After the An Evening at Maker Faire, my project Digital Wheel Art was blogged about in the blogsphere such as TED, Destructoid, Wiinewsdaily, Power Unlimited (Dutch)  and iD (Chinese) among others.

Some comments from the articles.

My using small movements such as head tilts to
change color and movement to draw lines, a disabled person can create
art in a way they could not before. Sure, it’s no Van Gogh, but
compared to nothing, it may be a catharsis that fully physically
capable people may not always realize the value of. –
Colette Bennett

This is taking that blue ocean idea to a whole new level. – JT706

It’s always nice to hear ways that can improve the quality of life for
sufferers of cerebral palsy and other serious disorders. Just living
day today isn’t really enough and finding outlets to help them express
themselves is in my opinion just as important as finding ways to extend
their lifespans. Though obviously not as important as finding a cure. – niacin

From an artistic perspective, I’d be fascinated if someone became skilled enough to paint pictures they were happy with. It’d provide a unique perspective that I’d certainly love to see. – Brahms

Ludic Design (Italian)

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May 8th, 2008 No comments
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