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Thesis Abstract (rev. Feb 26)

February 26th, 2008 1 comment

Assistive Technology as an Artistic Expression Tool (working title)

Thesis Abstract (rev. Feb 26)

Everyone has the desire and the right to express themselves. People can draw pictures, play music, sing songs, move their bodies, write compositions or poems to express their feelings and emotions. However, not everyone can use these methods. There are many people who want to express themselves but cannot to do so because of physical challengies. In this project, assistive technology including electronics, mechanics, and computer programming is applied to help those people to express themselves, and moreover, to provide an opportunity to be an artist.

I have been meeting with a few physically challenged people to determine the best choice for each of them, to customize each for their disability. For example, since a kid who has cerebral palsy has serious limitations on communication and movement, an adaptive camera interface can provide a way for him to take a picture while using a power wheelchair. The kid can shoot whatever he wants and make a story with a narration by using adaptive software.

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Personal Statement (rev. Feb 26)

February 26th, 2008 1 comment

Assistive Technology as an Artistic Expression Tool (working title)

Personal Statement (rev. Feb 26)

The idea of this project began in the fall of 2005 when I saw the joy on the face of a young boy with severe physical impairment as he played a video tracking game “The Reach Project” presented by Marianne Petit. The game was designed to be able to play while remaining on the floor but at one point the boy suddenly stood up. A simple interactive video tracking technology encouraged kids to move their bodies and gave them a lot of joy. This is the reason why I took an assistive technology class the following semester.

When I was seeking a project idea on assistive technology, I visited a high school for physically challenged students on Long Island. I met a boy who had cerebral palsy so he used a power wheelchair and showed a jerky movement but he was eager to take photographs. He was excited by all the words related to this such as camera, flash, Canon, Sony, album, taking a picture, etc. After much trial and error, I designed an adaptive digital camera interface by hacking a remote controller of a digital camera to make it possible to attach various switches which could be manipulated by head, foot, hand, or finger. It allows students with various disabilities to take photographs. I took the kid on a photography tour around the school and he took pictures of various objects such as his therapist, hallway, classrooms, and a picture on a wall. Then he stopped and took a picture of a board that had stars that children wrote their wishes on. He seemed to concentrate trying to take the best possible picture. He said to his therapist that he was getting closer to his own wishes to be a photographer. I can’t forget his huge smile.

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Participation in Creating Artwork

February 26th, 2008 No comments

Regarding to my thesis project, I’m revising a paper about Fountain 2006 project I did two falls ago. One of my basic art concept is that an artist only designs a frame of an artwork and then random people spontaneously participate in the frame and finally produce their own outcomes. For the thesis project, I’m designing a system of artistic expression for physically challenged students to allow them to play with.

Here is an introduction paragraph of the paper of Fountain 2006 project.


Artists experience the pleasure of creation as well as the agony of brainstorming, conceptualizing, realizing and constructing an artwork. In this paper, how new forms of artwork that enable future audiences or random people to experience similar feelings is explored. No more than several decades ago, artist and audience were strictly separated. Artists made artworks and after that audience saw them in galleries, gardens or open spaces in cities, even though in the case of recent interactive art forms, the audience can just react and enjoy the result of artworks. In order to provide the pleasure of creating artwork, there is a new art movement in which artist only makes a frame or instructions of how-to participate in it, and then anonymous people who are interested in the artwork can actively get involved in it and share the feelings which were exclusively possessed by artist before.

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lunar eclipse

February 20th, 2008 No comments

full lunar moon

A tiny sky I can see at my room.
The moon was there luckily.

Pentax K100D, 40mm limited
ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/2 sec
Cropped in Photoshop, Exported AdobeRGB(1998) color space in Lightroom.

Feb 20, 2008

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feb 8-10, Providence

February 12th, 2008 No comments

I visited my friend at RISD last weekend. RISD and Brown U. are in Providence, RI which takes four hours by bus and costs $55 from NY. Providence is an educational city that has the best design university and one of the Ivy league. My friend has large relationship so I could do the perfect tour on studio of each department. I had a wonderful chance to glance a faculty review of applicants portforlio of the world best graphic design department. At the Saturday night, went to a studio to help my friend painting overnight. Listening music,  singing songs while playing a guitar… absolute free atmosphere.

RISD main library

steps of library

Providence was basically desolate. “It’s Providence!”

looked similar to NY, endless construction city.

Brown U.

unique shape tree looks like gene modifed

the only branch went up

waiting a bus to NY at 7am after overnight at the studio

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